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Cloud File Server & Storage

  • Raven's Hosted File Server lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. With a new level of content management security, with role-based access controls, 99.9% uptime guarantee, data encryption using 256-bt SSL and SAS 70 II Certification. Invite others to view, edit and more.
  • Hosted Cloud File Server and online Storage
  • Hosted Cloud File Server and online Storage
Up and running in 24 to 48hrs!

Product Description

Raven Hosted Cloud File Server Free Trial on-line signup

Cloud Storage Pricing - Group = $29, Office = $49, Company = $199, Corporate = $240 

Optional Features & Services

  • Office Local Cloud $39.99/mo/instance.
  • Enterprise Local Cloud $39.99/mo/instance.
  • Outlook Plug-in No additional charge. (Available to Office Plan and higher)
  • Data Migration Service One-time fee. Call for details.
  • Custom Access URL One-time fee. Call for details.
  • Maximum File Size: 2.5GB for Group plan; No size limitations for Office, Company and Corporate plans.
  • Access Control Included with all plans.

Instant Infrastructure

The Raven Hosted Cloud File Server addresses the critical infrastructure needs of businesses by offering file storage, backups, file sharing and collaboration in one secure, centrally-managed and easy-to-use solution. In combination with Local Cloud technology, we enable fast local edit capabilities and offline access to your files.

Raven's hosted cloud is a business-class online solution that completely eliminates the costs and complexity of purchasing and maintaining traditional file servers, tape backups, FTP and VPN systems. Access files from your PC, Mac or mobile device. You have unprecedented file access control which can be administered from anywhere on the Internet.


Cloud File Server

File Sharing
Raven’s hosted cloud file server provides numerous features to support file sharing and collaboration between your co-workers and your business partners worldwide. The first step towards establishing and sustaining a successful on-going collaborative effort with the cloud file server is to create shared, permission-based folders. The cloud file server folders can correspond to a particular project, your corporate departmental structure, or a client allowing both employees and customers to safely and securely access their folders from anywhere. 

In addition to file sharing via shared folders, the cloud file server provides a host of file management features, including:

- File versioning 
- File locking (check in/check out) 
- File notifications 
- Flexible file sharing options 
- File annotations 

File versioning
File versioning ensures that when a change is made to a file stored on the cloud file server, a newer version is automatically created and is added to the folder containing the earlier version. File versions are stamped by time and with the name of the user who made changes to the file. Instead of simply overwriting an existing file, file versioning maintains a complete document history for auditing file changes made over time and preventing accidental deletions. 

File locking
The system will automatically lock files when users open them for editing. In addition, users can manually lock and unlock files. Once a file is checked out (or locked), other users can view the file, but cannot edit or upload changes. This ensures that users are always modifying files collaboratively, rather than working at cross purposes.

File changes notifications
File notifications are email notifications that are automatically triggered when new files are added to a specific folder or existing files are changed. Notifications are sent out to all users who have access to that particular file, indicating who changed the file and the time of the change. A form of change management functionality, file notifications provides teams with a seamless workflow for changing a file without having to spend time sending emails or on the phone. Notifications may be turned on or off. 

Flexible file sharing options
For sharing files easily or distributing them to a large group, the hosted cloud file server provides the following powerful, yet simple to set up and use features:

- File sharing via link (URL) 
- Public folders 

Sharing files via links
File sharing via link enables you to create a link (URL) to one or more of your files that can easily be emailed, embedded in a .PDF or Word file document or made available on any 3rd party application or website such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Designed specifically for use with large files or when you want to share a file with a large number of users, files are automatically downloaded when a recipient clicks on the link; there’s no need to require them to login to the cloud. You can also choose to have the link expire after a chosen time period (e.g. 7 days). 

Public folders
Public folders are file repositories that are shared via links; they function much the same as files shared via links, except that the link directs the recipient to a folder rather than a file. When a recipient clicks on the link, they get access to the files in that folder without logging in to the cloud file server. 

File annotations 
File annotations gives users the ability to enter comments against files. As an additional way for users to capture contextual information as it pertains to a particular file, file annotations are a valuable tool for ensuring the success of your teams’ collaborative efforts.

FTP Cloud Server

Raven’s hosted cloud file server provides an easy-to-use FTP solution that can be centrally managed and eliminates the need to deploy and manage FTP servers or email large files. You can define access for users to specific files and folders, securely share files with customer and suppliers, and maintain the confidentiality of each business partner as they collaborate with your company.

Online Backup Server

Raven’s hosted cloud file server can be configured to provide automatic backup on a scheduled, continual or on-demand basis for any computer on your network. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the backup application, it will recommend specific folders for back up. For example, on a Windows computer, the default recommendations are "My Documents" and your "Desktop Folder.” You can accept these defaults, or optionally, you can identify other folders for back up. The backup process can be scheduled to run at a specific time each day, on a continual basis (for example, look for changes every four hours) or on an ad hoc basis (on-demand). While the initial back up is comprehensive, targeting all designated files and folders (including Outlook-related .PST archive files), subsequent back ups are designed to pick up only new files or changes to existing files.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Online Storage
Raven’s cloud file server is an easy-to-use online storage solution for storing business files of any size or type online in secure, permission-based folders. These folders are designed to allow for a hierarchical structure, letting you nest them together in order to create folders that have smaller sub-groups, each containing its own individual level of permission-based security. Because folder access is permission governed, you have full control over who has read, write and delete privileges for every folder at every level for both individual users and groups. The cloud file server is designed to provide business-class online storage solutions for both small businesses and larger organizations.

When setting up online storage accounts for employees and business partners, you decide what folders they can access by assigning appropriate folder permissions. For example, you can create a sales department folder that is accessible only to the sales team. Similarly, you can have a common folder that all employees of your company are allowed to access - you can also have specific folders within your online storage account that your customers can access.

Online storage that gives you access control over your files
Raven’s cloud file server provides an online storage solution that is designed around permission-based security to determine what users and groups have access to which files and folders. The cloud file servers online storage rights management is powerful and easy to use. Users can have Read Only, Read/Write or Read/Write/Delete permissions to the folders they are permitted to view, which in turn determines the actions they can perform on the files in that folder. For example, a user with Read Only access can view and download files, but they cannot edit, upload or delete files.

Securely access files from any computer or device
Raven’s cloud file server is purpose-built to facilitate "on-the-go" collaboration with co-workers and clients. Users can access the cloud using a standard Web browser or popular smartphone. Power Users also have the option to access their folders and files using a mapped drive from their computer for convenient file drag, drop and edit capabilities (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible). Regardless of how you access the cloud file server, folder permissions are always enforced. Whether you use a Web browser, smartphone or a mapped drive to access the cloud, accessibility to folder content will be based on the permissions you have been granted. 

Flexible options to upload your files
You can upload files to the cloud file servers online storage in a variety of ways without any restrictions as to file type or size. Drag and drop files into the online folders using either the mapped drive (Power Users only) or the built-in multi-file upload tool (all users). For your very largest files of 500 MBs or larger, the cloud file server provides a special no-maintenance FTP interface. We also offer Data Migration Services for customers with large initial data sets they wish to migrate into their online storage account.


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