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About us

Cloud Computing anytime, anywhere and from any device...

They set out to deliver on-demand infrastructure for businesses that would scale from home office up to multi-office and enterprise organizations.

Raven Cloud Computing was formerly the Professional IT Consulting division of Raven Communications Inc. founded in September, 1998 with corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company offers one of the first complete suite of cloud tools and provides free support services for their product line.

Raven Cloud Computing has built a best of breed cloud platform with prices and flexible terms geared towards small businesses. A company can now operate completely in the cloud, having access to all company resources anytime, anywhere and from any device.

While researching cloud solutions several years ago for internal use, they quickly realized a big problem in early emerging cloud technologies. Lots of companies offered cloud tools mainly for on-line back-up, however there were no comprehensive cloud solutions available for the SMB market.

Our Cloud Computing platform allows anytime access from anywhere and from any device

As tech experts they had a hard time identifying viable cloud solutions so they began interviewing small businesses to determine a needs assessment. Their findings were that non-technical business owners were just as discouraged, so Raven Cloud Computing set out to build their own cloud platform.

Raven Cloud Computing went to work, meeting with industry experts and began building partnerships to accomplish the initial task of getting out of the server room and into the cloud.

Through this development process their sister company Raven Office Centers client base became aware of what Raven Cloud Clomputing was doing and asked to be taken to the cloud as well.

Each customer had different reasons for wanting to go to the cloud. However, they all needed the same comprehensive cloud infrastructure to get them there. The customers biggest pain threshold was a need for an affordable solution.

Today, Raven Cloud Computing offers a complete office in the cloud solution called the IT Cloud. Customers gain immediate productivity and flexibility to scale up or down while accessing their cloud from anywhere. This offers an instant disaster recovery plan for the SMB market and best of all its affordable.